The Dulcinea Solar Plant (Planta Solar Dulcinea) is a photovoltaic power station in Cuenca, Spain. Dulcinea Solar Plant consists of 300 photovoltaic generating units with a total capacity of 31.8 MW. The solar power station covers area of 230,324 m2 (2,479,186.9 sq ft). Dulcinea Solar Plant is equipped with 82,896 Kyocera KC-200-GHT2 photovoltaic modules, 6,078 Kyocera KD-210-GHP2 modules, and 66,286 Suntech STP-210/18Ud modules. 6,600 strings of 24 photovoltaic panels linked in series 300 SMA SC100-Outdoor inverters. The estimated available radiation of 1,810 kWh/m2 per year is 1,497 peak sunlight hours.

Dulcinea Solar Plant
Country Spain
Locale Cuenca
Status Operational
Constructor(s) Kyocera

Solar farm information
Type PV
Photovoltaic modules 82,896 x KC-200-GHT2
6,078 x KD-210-GHP2
66,286 x STP-210/18Ud

Power generation information
Installed capacity 31.8 MW