Bavaria Solarpark

Bavaria Solarpark, is a 10 Megawatt (MW) photovoltaic power plant separated into 3 different locations in Germany. Solarpark Mühlhausen is 6.3 MW located in Mühlhausen, Germany. Solarpark Günching is 1.9 MW located in Günching, Germany. Solarpark Minihof is 1.9 MW located in Minihof, Germany. The Bavaria Solarpark constructed by SunPower consists of 57,600 Sharp solar panels on SunPower Trackers. The total plant occupies 25 hectares.

Alamosa photovoltaic solar power plant

Alamosa photovoltaic solar power plant, is a 8.22 MWp photovoltaic power plant located in San Luis Valley, Colorado, USA. The power plant was developed by SunEdison, sells all output to Xcel Energy, and was completed in December 2007. The solar power plant occupies 83 acres (34 ha) of land, and provided enough power to supply 1400 homes in 2008. Alamosa photovoltaic power plant is the largest producer of photovoltaic power in the United States in 2008. Colorado Xcel customers pay approximately 2% more for electricity to subsidize renewable energy projects. The plant has received some criticism, saying that the amount of land used is large in comparison to the amount of power generated.

Gottelborn Solar Park - Solarpark Zeche Göttelborn

Gottelborn Solar Park is a photovoltaic power plant located in Göttelborn, Germany. The power plant was constructed by City Solar in two stages, stage 1 finished in August, 2004, and stage 2 finished in November 2007.

Gottleborn Solar Park known as Solarpark Zeche Göttelborn. This photovoltaic power plant has capacity of 8.4MW

The first stage of the plants construction of 23,500 Photowatt International solar modules estimated at around 14% efficiency, and outputting 4 MWp. The first stage of the station occupied 50,000 m2 The second stage made the total of modules to 50,000.

Monte Alto photovoltaic power plant

The Monte Alto photovoltaic power plant in Spain has a generating capacity of 9.55 megawatts peak (MWp) and will generate 14 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per annum. It cost 65 million euros [US$87 million].

The installation of Monte Alto photovoltaic power plant covers an area of 51 hectares on agricultural land near the locality of Milagro (Navarre) and contains 889 solar structures, of which 864 are equipped with automated solar tracking. The rest are fixed structures adapted to the relief of the terrain.

In five years Acciona Energy has developed seven "solar gardens" in Navarre with a total capacity of 20 MWp, and another two are under construction in Castilla-La Mancha. Overall, the company's installed capacity is 23 megawatts (MW), through the approximately 3,000 automated solar monitoring structures, and represents a total investment of 177 million euros [US$236 million] shared among more than 2,000 owners. The yield from these investments is somewhere between 8 and 10% and the payback of the investment is estimated at around 10 years.