The Arnedo Solar Plant is a solar photovoltaic power plant located in Arnedo, La Rioja, Spain. The 34 MW plant is equipped with 172,000 panels. The Arnedo Solar Plant completed in October 2008, power plant that produces 3approximately 49,936,510 kWh annually, which would own 12,000 households and prevent 375,000 tons of CO2. Facilities in seven acres and 172,000 panels houses. Project budget of about € 180,000,000. La Rioja, a region of Spain known for its wine, already covers 62% of electricity with enhanced resources.

Arnedo Solar Plant
Official name Planta Solar Arnedo
Country Spain
Locale Arnedo, La Rioja
Status Operational
Commission date 2008 (2008)
Developer(s) T-Solar

Solar farm information
Type Flat-panel PV
Photovoltaic modules 172,000

Power generation information
Installed capacity 34 MW
Annual generation 49.9 GWh