Guadarranque solar power plant (Cádiz solar power plant, Spanish: Parque Solar Guadarranque, or Planta Solar Guadarranque) is a photovoltaic solar power plant in the Guadarranque industrial park in San Roque, Cádiz, Spain. The plant is owned and operated by Endesa.

In 2007, Endesa received a municipal permit to build a 20.1 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic solar power plant. Construction on the first stage of the plant began in July 2007 and was finished in September 2008. The first stage has installed capacity of 12.3 MW and it covers 37 hectares (91 acres). It consists of 123 photovoltaic installations, each including 550 220-watt solar panels. The first stage cost €90 million and its annual generation is estimated about 24 GWh.

Electricity production at the plant will increase during the summer months due to the higher number of daylight hours. This will help to meet the significant rise in power demand in Andalusia in the summer.
Guadarranque solar power plant
Official name Parque Solar Guadarranque
Country Spain
Status Operational
Commission date September 2008
Construction cost €90 million
Owner(s) Endesa

Solar farm information
Photovoltaic modules 67,650

Power generation information
Installed capacity 12.3 MW
Maximum capacity 20.1 MW
Annual generation 24 GW·h